SJ WoodWorks

Because your family gathers in the kitchen

   Bring a touch of elegance and warmth to your kitchen and bath with a hardwood countertop by SJ Woodworks.  A number of finishes are available.

The Finish

There are two types of finishes to consider for your countertop; a penetrating oil (mineral oil), and a hard-shell clear-coat (Urethane/polermized tung oil).  The mineral oil finish will will allow you to use the countertop as a cutting surface.  The food grade oil finish is used on cutting boards and kitchen utensils.  The oil soaks into the wood and does not dry.  When a knife cuts into the wood, it cuts into an oiled surface; there is no risk of chipping some of the finish into the food.  This is an excellent choice if you want a large, food safe prep area.  The mineral oil finish does require regular maintenance.  A monthly application of mineral oil is required.  Since the wood is being cut on directly, the top may need to be sanded periodically.  Since the bare wood is exposed, these tops are easy to mar, and very easy to repair. 

Another option is a hard shell clear coat.  Sj WoodWorks uses products from a Vermont company called Sutherland Wells Ltd.  A combination of hard sealer/hard oil will offer a much higher level of protection than a penetrating oil finish.  The hard sealer/oil finish is a completely food safe finish that offers a superb level of protection.