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Frequently Asked Questions

How do the boards hold up?

With a little TLC these boards will last a lifetime.  The woods I use are durable and the glue is water-proof and ultra strong.  Just be sure to follow the guidelines provided by the link below to keep your board looking its best.

Cutting board care


Are the boards stained that color?

No, there are no stains or dyes in any of my products.  All of the colors you see are that of the natural hardwoods.


Are your products damaging the rain forests?

Absolutely not.  I'm careful to purchase only wood that is FSC certified sustainably harvested.  Click the link to learn more.



Are these products dishwasher safe?

No, a dishwasher's jets will quickly remove all of the protective oil and cause the wood to swell.  Warping or cracking may be the result of a trip through the dishwasher.  


Can you do custom work?

Absolutely!  Need an odd size, or an extra large board?  A kitchen island or a countertop?  No problem, I'm happy to work with you to get you what you want.