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Wooden Spatula


This wooden spatula measures approximately 12" long and 2.25" at the base, and is constructed with your choice of either an elegant black walnut, blond maple, or purpleheart handle.  Each wooden spatula will have a paddle made with wood in those same varieties. 

The spatula is cut with a slight curve in the paddle, enabling them to be versatile utensils.  A distinct edge has been sanded into the spatula, making them excellent scraping tools that won't scratch your non-stick cookware. 

The glue is FDA approved food safe, water proof, and bonds stronger than the wood.   It's also rated for boiling temperatures, so you'll be able to stir boiling water, or sauces with no issue.  With a little mineral oil TLC, this wooden spatula will find a long happy life in your kitchen.     

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