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Give a Better Closing Gift

Be remembered with a better closing gift. This personalized 9 x 12 inch handmade cherry and walnut cutting board is the perfect way to leave a lasting impression with your clients.  

Traditional closing gifts such as wine bottles, gift cards or gift baskets are overused and  lack a personal touch; they'll quickly be consumed and discarded. Gift your clients with an elegant cutting board that will tastefully keep your business in the present.  Your clients house becomes a home after that first meal is prepared, with this personalized closing gift you'll be part of that memorable experience. 

These boards are built to last a lifetime, and will match virtually any kitchen decor.  Your clients will appreciate the craftsmanship and that the wood is sustainably harvested and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. The glue is FDA approved food safe and is waterproof.  

Orders contain 5 or 10 walnut & cherry cutting boards (as shown in pictures), approx. 12"x9"x.75", and personalized with a logo or saying of your choice. Logos will be engraved approx. 1" tall and up to 4" long in the lower left-hand corner.  A computer guided laser is used to exactly match the file of your logo. It'll impress you and your clients. 


Logo Instructions

  • Once your order is placed, e-mail your logo to and reference your order number. 

  • Images should be a vector (.eps) file or a large (> 1 MB) .jpeg file.  

  • Images will be engraved exactly as they are in the email. No image alteration will be done. 


Orders will ship approx. two weeks from the time placed. 

Purchase a 5 pack of personalized closing gifts @ $50/board.

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Purchase a 10 pack of personalized closing gifts at a discounted rate of $45/board.

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