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New Byrd Tool Shelix cutterhead for Dewalt planer DW735 part II

Steve Bonora2 Comments


That pretty well sums up the performance of the Shelix cutterhead for the Dewalt planer DW735.  As I mentioned previously I had a load of hardwood, hard maple, purpleheart, walnut, and sapele that needed to be planed down from 1-1/8" to 3/4".  Instead of paying someone else to do this for me, I decided to upgrade my planer and attempt to do it myself.  

Even after reading all the positive reviews on amazon, I still had reservations that this setup would be able to handle the amount of work I was about to feed it.  Those reservations are gone. Not only can this Shelix cutterhead remove a ton of stock without dulling, it leaves behind a beautiful glue ready finish.    

After a few passes of the 300 liner ft. of hardwood some of the boards began sticking under the rollers.  A little hand pressure would get the boards moving again.  The rollers and cutterhead were spinning, but the boards were sticking.  With the stock blades, this was usually a sign the knives were getting dull.  Changing the knives always solved this problem.  I really didn't want to rotate all of the little shelix knives, so I stopped, and raised the planer.  I noticed the base plate that the boards ride on was a bit sticky.  I realized it had been quite some time since I had waxed the base plate.  I found my tin of Minwax Finishing Paste and applied some as per the directions.  The plate felt a little slicker and sure enough, the boards were flying through again.  

With the old setup about 1/32" (half turn) was all I could ever take off on the slow feed setting.  With the new shelix cutterhead 3/64" ( three-quarter turn) and even 1/16" (full turn) can be removed without too much load on the motor.  And with No tearout. 

The amount of work I rely on my drum sander for has been greatly reduced by this cutterhead. Thanks Shelix, I am very, very happy.

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